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About Scilentia

Scilentia is an immersive drug development accelerator that ignites the potential of scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs. 

Our competitive programs train, develop, and coach cohort participants on innovative drug discovery, development, and commercialization strategies and techniques.

Cohort participants emerge equipped with an integrated drug development plan that optimizes the probability of technical, regulatory, and commercial success, ensuring alignment between startups and their potential strategic partners.

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Innovation Happens Everywhere.

Scilentia expands pharmaceutical and biotech company access to early-stage therapeutic startups that are emerging from academic institutions, medical centers, and startups located in regions of the country that have historically been under appreciated as sources of innovation.

These innovations present new opportunities to diversify and enhance drug discovery and development pipelines, for corporations searching for cutting edge technologies for their growing portfolios.

Scilentia corporate members can identify, recruit or collaborate with top scientific talent from every U.S. geographic region - even those that are outside the traditional areas of focus for large pharmaceutical companies.  
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The Scilentia Advantage

All Scilentia programs are led by at least two or more Global Partners, who tap into their extensive network of industry experienced program advisors to build bespoke offerings for each cohort of admitted startups.


A specialized team of multi-disciplinary experts cover every aspect of drug discovery, development and commercialization during each 6-week program, ensuring that attendees exit with a optimized drug development plan that addresses their unique challenges and opportunities.


Scilentia anchors all of its programming in deep strategic insights as well as critical practical realities.



By leveraging decades of pharmaceutical and start-up experience that has resulted in numerous successful blockbuster launches across a variety of scientific platforms and therapeutic areas. 

Senior Members of Our Team

Michael Williams
Global Partner

Michael is Scilentia's expert in drug development and commercialization. He has extensive global experience from his work at major pharmaceutical companies and startups. Michael is also a venture investor and advisor. 

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Kirsten Detrick
Global Partner

 Kirsten is a C-suite executive with deep experience at Top 10 pharma companies and biotech startups. She is a recognized product launch strategy and execution expert and teaches at an Ivy League business school.  

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