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SciCellerate makes the connections



An immersive drug development accelerator that prepares 
non-coastal startups and academic spinouts to align with
strategic pharma partners

Innovation Happens Everywhere.

Why do most pharma companies seem to focus on finding innovation in just two places:
Boston and the Bay Area? 

Here's the truth: pharma companies have scarce resources, whether it's time, money or people. 

So they prioritize their efforts where startups are located: the coasts.


But here's another truth: 

Great science and exciting innovation happen everywhere.

That's why there's SciCellerate  

SciCellerate is an immersive drug development accelerator that aligns

non-coastal startups and academic spinouts with strategic pharma partners.

  • We ignite a molecule’s potential by showing startup teams how to get from idea to launch, step-by-step.

  • Our experts guide you to build an integrated plan that becomes the foundation for pitches and partnership discussions.


  • Our programs connect participating startups and tech transfer offices with program sponsors, including big pharma, so exciting science moves to the next level.

SciCellerate makes the connections

  • All SciCellerate programs are led by at least two or more Scilentia Global Partners, who tap into their extensive network of industry experienced program advisors to build bespoke offerings for each cohort of admitted startups.

  • A specialized team of multi-disciplinary experts cover every aspect of drug discovery, development and commercialization during each 6-week program,,ensuring that attendees exit with a optimized plan of action that addresses their unique challenges and opportunities.

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