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Scilentia Helps 
Technology, Innovation and Commercialization Offices in
8 Different Ways


Catalyzes Drug Discovery Commercialization

 Scilentia training programs equip faculty and spinouts with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the drug discovery and development process effectively.


Ultimately, we help you expedite the translation of research findings into marketable products or therapies, facilitating the commercialization of university-developed technologies.




On Campus

Participation in a Scilentia program enables faculty and researchers to explore the commercial potential of their discoveries. It promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the university ecosystem, leading to the creation of more spin-out companies and technology-based startups.

Scilentia helps you nurture and grow this ecosystem.   



Attracts Funding and Investment

A robust drug discovery training program demonstrates your university's commitment to supporting technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. It enhances the credibility of faculty and spinouts that are seeking funding from investors, government agencies, and industry partners.

Scilentia helps support this ecosystem because your startups will have the opportunity to dialogue with important players in the biopharmaceutical arena.


Strengthens Engagement with Industry Partners

Scilentia's training programs  facilitate collaborations between academia and industry. We equip faculty and spinouts with industry-relevant knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to engage with industry partners, attract investment, and pursue ongoing collaborative research and development projects. 

Once relationships between university and industry are forged, they usually become long-term productive drivers of future collaborations.


Contributes to Regional Economic Development

Regional economic development goals are best achieved by nurturing a vibrant innovation ecosystem. The foundation for a scientific innovation ecosystem is built at the university level and is achieved via the creation of high-value jobs and expansion of regional investment to drive economic growth. 


Enhances University Reputation

Generating awareness of, and excitement about innovative university research is a critical deliverable for most Technology, Innovation and Commercialization professionals. By supporting the translation of scientific discoveries into real-world applications, you can make a genuine difference in reputation for your school and its administration when you encourage teams to participate in a Scilentia program. 


Fosters Faculty Engagement and Retention

Providing faculty members with opportunities for professional development and via drug commercialization training  enhances engagement with the university and increases job satisfaction. It also helps retain talented faculty who may be  exploring entrepreneurial avenues for their research that might otherwise take them away from the university and the region.


Grows a Supportive Ecosystem for Innovation and Societal Impact

Successful commercialization of university-developed technologies can have a positive societal impact by addressing unmet medical needs and improving patient care.

Help your University Startups Take the Next Step

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