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With SciLaunchIQ You Can
Master the Unpredictable and Unlock the Secrets
to Your Drug's Successful Launch

You know that:
  • Drug development and commercialization is complex and unpredictable... 

  • Success hinges on integrating an insights-driven process with a collaborative, comprehensive cross functional planning system

But do you know how to...
  • Identify and leverage the insights that underpin launch success?

  • Coordinate the thousands of cross-functional inputs to a launch

  • Avoid the common pitfalls that impact launch success?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Patients expressed a desire for treatments that were more targeted than available options.
The product's clinical development plan was designed and executed to leverage this critical insight about patient and MD preference. All components of launch strategy and execution highlighted the specificity of the product's MOA to solely target the gut and the clinically relevant benefits of this feature to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation without off-target effects.

Smoking Cessation

Insights research revealed that while many smokers genuinely wanted to quit, they often struggled with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This organization paired its product with a behavioral support program, which gave smokers the tools and strategies to address the routines and triggers of smoking as an adjunct to their therapeutic intervention.

Hepatitis B Virus

Patients and healthcare providers were concerned about drug resistance in this clinical settings. Clinical trials emphasized this product's high genetic barrier to resistance, which reduced the likelihood of viral drug resistance.


Although dermatologists claimed they predominantly valued efficacy parameters in a biologic therapeutic, in-depth insights work highlighted their real concerns - the safety of these novel drugs. This product applied these insights to every component of the communications mix, delivering on the unstated desire of this physician group to offer patients a therapy that would address efficacy needs, while also delivering on their emotional need to feel confident they were prescribing a product that was known for its well-characterized safety profile. 

Our Global Partners have worked in a broad array of disease categories, treatement modalities and

drug development phases

How can our case studies help you? 

The SciLaunchIQ Difference
is anchored in our 

Integrated Collaboration Hub 

Monitor progress, model timeline shift impacts and communicate impact

Use simple dashboards to track launch momentum and ensure milestone achievements

Understand functional interdependencies and points of launch vulnerabilty

Track project status at-a-glance across the entire launch program

Connect the dots for every member of your
cross-functional team


Ensure team members understand the impact of their individual functions on the launch as a whole 
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